Abbey Gardens Friends
Spring Newsletter 
January 2018

 Dear Friends,

The Abbey Gardens Friends held a successful Social Evening at the Athenaeum last July and a joint walk and talk with the Bury Water Meadows Group and the Environment Agency last September.  Our stall at the Christmas Fayre in November raised £300 for Abbey Gardens Friends funds.

We also provided £3,765 from our own funds to the Borough Council for two important projects to help improve the Abbey Gardens.  The first project replanted the herbaceous border opposite the Rose Garden.  The second project funded the installation of 44 oak posts to support climbing plants in the central circular bedding area.  We still have some funds for future projects and we would welcome your suggestions.

Two new members kindly donated some money to fund the re-stocking of the aviary in the Abbey Gardens.  New birds include Zebra Finches, Bengalese Finches and Love Birds.  The AGF has funded ten new information signs for all the bird species in the aviary and an explanatory sign about the history of the aviary and the former menagerie which will be put up early in 2018. 

The Annual General Meeting will be held at The Athenaeum at 6.30 pm on Monday 19 February 2018.  New and existing members are all welcome (the £5.00 annual membership will be payable at the door).  There will be a talk by Dr Pat Murrell on Wednesday 16 May, our Summer Social will be on Wednesday 25 July and there will be a guided walk in the Abbey Gardens on Wednesday 15 August 2018. 

Now that Spring is coming, we are looking forward to new colourful spring displays in the Abbey Gardens and we hope that the summer displays will help the Abbey Gardens to win as much success in the Anglia in Bloom Awards they did in 2017.  Our volunteer gardeners help the Borough Council gardeners to maintain and improve the Abbey Gardens which are beloved by many local people and by the numerous visitors to Bury St Edmunds who enjoy the peaceful beauty of the former Abbey of St Edmund.

The Abbey Gardens Friends are represented on the new Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership which is currently running two consultancy studies for a wider area that roughly doubles the Abbey Gardens.  We will be taking part in the Advisory Group discussions on these studies and looking forward to their results in the autumn of 2018 which may then identify future projects in the Abbey Gardens and beyond.

Subscriptions are due for renewal in March 2018.  New members are always welcome.  Membership costs only £5.00 per person per year.  Please complete our new membership form whether you are a new or an existing member (see attached or below).  You can sign up at one of our events of contact us by phone or by e-mail (see below).  We look forward to meeting you at our various events during the year. 

Sophie Roebuck

Chairman of the Abbey Gardens Friends.

AGF phone: 07956-763112

AGF e-mail: