The Friends & what they do

The Abbey Gardens Friends are an independent group of volunteers from the local community, who themselves enjoy the Gardens and who wish to contribute to the pleasure which others derive from their visits there. They are not a lobby group and work within the parameters set by St. Edmundsbury Borough Council and English Heritage.

There are two types of Friends:

 If you would like to join the gardening group, then please let the Friends know, using the  Contact Us facility here or in the menu on the left. You should be over 18, be reasonably fit and able to attend regularly. You will be expected to adhere to certain health and safety measures, including the wearing of suitable footwear. Tools and materials are provided, though it would be helpful if volunteers could bring their own gloves. 

They perform the regular ongoing tasks to be found in all gardens: digging, weeding, lifting and replanting and trimming the shoots from the boles of trees; and there are also specific projects to undertake.

In addition, with the support of the Council and the agreement of the staff of the Gardens, the Friends have their own programme of activities and run events for the community, most of which take place within the Gardens (see  News and Events).